It all started with the answer to one misinterpreted question.  Blueberries.  I thought about it.  I thought hard enough about it that I thought it was a great idea.  Once that happened I read everything I could about blueberries.  Fat varieties.  Sweet varieties.  Northern and Southern Highbush.  Rabbiteyes.  What soil they're happiest in.  What to feed them.  How often to water.  You name it and I read it, and by the end of about six months of blueberry madness I knew I needed a place to start planting.

And so our little farm life began in late 2014 in historic Old Church, Virginia.  (For the Locals, we’re Old Church. For the rest of you we’re Mechanicsville.) Today, 1500 blueberry plants are thriving in two fields.  Farming is hard work (duh) so it’s taken me a few years to ‘get a system’. We will open in the Spring of 2019 as a pick your own operation. Keep an eye on the FARM tab for updates as the season gets close. For those who want already picked berries, check out our BUY LOCAL tab for locations to pick up a pint or two. Be assured that our berries are grown using organic methods.  We just completed our CERTIFIED NATURALLY GROWN certification. Whoot! Whoot! For those of you who don’t know, THAT’S A BIG DEAL!  (Be on the lookout for that official seal on our packaging!)

Okay, so it's the dream in the making but it sure is in motion!  The question by the way...  What do you want to do with the rest of your life?